During the storm, the wall started leaking

Last night there was a thunderstorm and it turned into a traumatic event when the air conditioning machine in the hallway had problems. The window AC machine in the hallway has some shutters that block all of the elements. I thought these shutters were sealed very tightly, but in fact it seemed more like they were not at all. The people I was with an addition to myself immediately on blocked the area where the air conditioner was sitting. I did not want the water to start pouring in from the area. Unfortunately, the amount of water seem to puddle by the air conditioner and it was causing severe disfigure. I thought that the water was coming in through the wall. I started to see if the building owner could help out. She told me that she could send someone to look at the air conditioner to find out why the water was coming through the wall. I felt that was a good idea and I was happy to hear that the manager was going to take the issue just as seriously as me. The people I was with as well as myself started moving towards the air conditioning system so we could check on things differently and that’s when we discovered the extra problems. It’s a good thing that we had already contacted the maintenance shop for help, because the people I was with as well as myself saw a couple of additional issues. Sometimes it rains throughout the week and none of us are home. If this type of issue would have happened then, we would have been really out of luck but thankfully there was someone that could help us save the day and keep the water outside.


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