Enjoying the lovely air quality in my area

Every single morning in the area in which I live I appreciate taking long walks… This is because my friend and I have the best air quality around, and having great air quality in an area like mine is rare, although I easily feel very lucky to have it! Where I used to live did not have great air quality and I had to invest all sorts of money into a whole home media air cleaner.

When I finally was able to move I sold the whole home media air cleaner because I knew I would not need it anymore moving to where I am currently. Taking a brisk walk in the morning time is so refreshing, and just taking in the great air quality is like having mother nature’s very own whole home media air cleaner. That is how excellent the air quality is. I would never move from where I am at because of the fantastic air quality that is all around these parts. I honestly know a lot of others who do not have the fantastic air quality I have around here! And I can tell you that they are very envious of me living where I do at the moment! I talk about my morning walks with them and they tell me that they could never take these kinds of walks where they are at because the air quality is so terrible. I should just consider myself fortunate that I live where I do because having fantastic air quality is nothing to take for granted. I appreciate my air quality and I appreciate the fact that I no longer need a whole home media air cleaner in my blissful household!

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