Even though I am technically off the grid I still have A/C

Even though I am technically living off the grid these days, I still manage to have air conditioning in my house. There is just no way that I would ever want to have to live without air conditioning during the summer, especially around here where we live. It gets so hot around here during the summer that we just don’t mess around with fans or anything like that. We always go straight to using the air conditioning. I personally have always been a fan of central A/C. Back when I was growing up, my parents never wanted to turn on the air conditioning very much during the summers because they were always worried about saving money. But I decided a really long time ago that whenever I grew up and moved out, I was going to use the air conditioning all the time during the summer. That’s what I have done, too! I knew that I was going to move far away and try to be self-sufficient a long time ago, but the one thing that I was concerned about was the fact that I would have to go without air conditioning. I got everything else all set up but I still did not have a way to run the air conditioning. That’s when I finally decided to have an HVAC company come out and show me how I could get the house set up to run the heating and cooling system off of a generator. Now, I am still off the grid, but I can still use my A/C when the summers are really hot.

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