Even though I am technically off the street I still have cooling system

Even though I am technically living off the grid these mornings, I still manage to have air conditioner in our house, then there is just no way that I would ever want to have to live separate from air conditioner while I was in the summer, especially around here where both of us live! It gets so warm around here while I was in the Summer that both of us just don’t mess around with fans or anything prefer that, every one of us always go straight to using the air conditioner.

I personally have always been a fan of central cooling system, back when I was growing up, our parents never wanted to turn on the air conditioner very much while I was in the summers because they were always worried about saving money.

But I decided a truly long time ago that whenever I grew up and moved out, I was going to use the air conditioner all the time while I was in the summer. That’s what I have done, too! I knew that I was going to move far away and try to be self-sufficient a long time ago, however the 1 thing that I was worried about was the fact that I would have to go separate from air conditioner. I got everything else all set up however I still did not have a way to run the air conditioner. That’s when I finally decided to have an Heating as well as A/C company come out and show me how I could get the house set up to run the heating and cooling system off of a generator… Now, I am still off the grid, however I can still use our cooling system when the summers are truly hot.

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