Every one of us have to wait until there is hotter weather for the roof repairs

Just a small number of weeks ago, a tree fell on our house, and it happened while I was in the middle of the afternoon, when no 1 was at home.

It had been raining for three days straight before the tree came down… The roots and the trunk were saturated, and luckily, the tree didn’t cause any physical harm to anyone in our home. The tree did knock out our skylight and it put a sizable gaping hole in the middle of the roof near the family room east wall. I tried our best to secure the roof and the hole. I climbed up to the roof while it was raining and I put down a tarp. It was incredibly windy, so I had to put some crucial rocks on the tarp to keep it in site. I called the insurance company and they gave me the names of some local companys and roofing companies that could help me with the repairs… Unfortunately, the repairs had to wait until there was a sunny afternoon with no rain. I had 1 single afternoon without rain since then and that was the afternoon the roofing company came to do the work. The team of numerous guys worked suddenly to patch and secure the roof before it started raining again, then we’ve had a lot of rain since the repair and Ihaven;t observed any leaks or brown water stains. I suppose the roofing company did a enjoyable job. I method to supply them a good review online as long as the repair is not leaking at the end of the rainy season.

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