Everybody tries to save a few bucks around the holidays

This was easily one time of the year when I made the summer weather.

All of us were born and raised and lived most of our life up in the north until recently transferring to a different area. This would cause many of us to make adjustments for the weather and at first it was difficult. The two of us were not thrilled to deal with all of the furnace repair costs. The furnace system was efficient, but every month we had to pay for the gas and then it was money to maintain the system too. We had to keep the lake house overheated for more than four months of the winter. All of us moved South while we were thinking about what we could do and we could hardly guess that the heat pump was running much at all. The people I was with as well as myself were all happy to see a mild winter every once in a while. During one of the Summers when the two of us first moved, we were definitely overwhelmed by the Heat and undoubtedly hot. The only real course was for us to put the air conditioner on the lowest setting as well as hope that it would keep up. We really put a lot of harsh work on the air conditioner that year and I think it really suffered due to that. Both of us now do our best to stay straight forward by pulling down the shades as well as having double darkening blinds that keep all of the heat out of our home.


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