Everything went dark when the power went out

Someone in the campground was trying to find a parking spot for a truly big RV for the first time on Thursday.

I saw the new resident driving up plus down the narrow roads looking for a large but simple spot to place the RV. When they started backing into a spot next to me, I was nervous. I was thankful when they went to the other side of the street, to find a greater space without as multiple trees. The man driving the automobile backed up plus pulled ahead several times. During 1 attempt, he backed into the electricity plus water pole. All of the electricity inside of our RV hastily shut off, plus the stopped working as well. Water started blasting from the plumbing pipe plus it was shooting 20 feet into the air. The driver of that RV jumped out of the passenger seat plus started yelling. Luckily there was a park attendant nearby. He said off the water. The campground had to call the electric company to come out plus work on the power pole. The guy caused a lot of disfigure. I did not have any air conditioning system or internal power in the camper for several hours. Thankfully I have a generator that is powerful enough to run the power plus the HVAC, because it was a truly boiling plus humid day. I would have been miserable all day plus the 3 kids wouldn’t have been ecstatic either. They were getting ready to play video games, because high school was over plus homework was done. That’s the only time they can play video games.

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