Farming can be difficult so I only do it part time

I have been a farmer for numerous years now as well as I have to tell you that occasionally it just gets pretty tough! I am not talking about doing the farming labor itself.

But more or less the mishaps that can happen as a result, however for instance I will never forget the time when this cow that I have on the farm went out of control as well as ended up smashing as well as totally killing my central heating as well as cooling system! The cow had made its way out of its pasture as well as to the side of my current home which is on the farm.

It then kicked as well as smashed my central heating as well as cooling system. I am not kidding! This cost myself and others several thoUSAnd dollars because obviously there was no way general heating as well as cooling repair could service this. It required a whole brand current as well as modern central heating as well as cooling system all together. Heating as well as cooling systems are not cheap by any means as I am sure you know. This was an investment I was not ready for as well as it set myself and others back on several purchases of farming supplies that I needed. Because the money had to all get dumped into the brand current central heating as well as cooling system unit! I l received a lesson though. Since then I have had a nice cement fence put around the central heating as well as cooling system device so that no cows or horses could smash it again! I could not afford to make another investment in heating as well as air conditioner again for a long while.

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