Freedom is one of the best things in life

It’s starting to really heat up fast here at the end of May & I am certainly ecstatic to be leaving here in a week or so. It just gets entirely too sizzling for too long & I don’t appreciate beating my skin up with all of the sun so going overseas to a milder temperature is something that I want. The cooling & heating appliance supplier I task for over there gave me as much time off as I needed & I am lucky to have such a cool employer exactly like that. They pay me well & I help them with my knowledge of the industry. I only would work about 20 hours per week but it pays all of my bills. I was able to learn so much about the task a few years ago when I went in to buy an area oil furnace from them & ended up talking about my history in the business. They told me they were looking for a Heating & Air Conditioning appliance specialist to do work at their store helping clients with Heating & Air Conditioning appliance questions & things of that nature. I also teach a small amount of volleyball & make some currency playing songs around town. I was an engineer back in the afternoon but came to realize that the corporate world was not for me so I left it in pursuit of something that fed my soul. Now I have a tremendous amount of free time when I am not absolutely working at the local supplier & I am much happier because of it. I guess freedom is the most enjoyable thing in my life that makes me ecstatic so I strive to obtain it however I can manage.

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