Friday Coming ‘Round The Bend Again Just Like That

Friday just popped back into my life again when I thought we just had one a few days ago. Life is like a ferris wheel and we just keep going around and around cyclically till the ride is over. I hope there is something better waiting at the end for us all, there must be. My aunt’s sister just died two days ago. She was 77 and spent the past 25 years of her life in an assisted living facility because of a bad lifestyle she led previously. What a way to spend the last years of your life, wow. My HVAC rep knew her a long time ago and said after she got divorced her life spun out of control with drinking and pills and she permanently damaged her brain. This makes me feel so grateful for living healthy and having an HVAC salesperson job at the local business, and a host of other things in my life that I am grateful for. My aunt’s sister started getting dementia in her late 40’s and just went downhill from there. I think working with customers at the HVAC company keeps my brain sharp and playing sports keeps my body in shape. I try to keep my drinking to a minimum while still enjoying a cold one now and then with my friends. I sell smart thermostats and air purifiers at my work and also help people with learning how to program and use the thermostats. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and just makes me feel like a useful and productive person.

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