Friday is Proving to be a Cold One

I just went for a dip in the sea on this cold afternoon of about 50F.

It is gray plus windy out plus the sea was no joke this morning.

I just got our clothes off as fast as I could plus plopped in the 64F water for about 10 minutes. There were no other swimmers, imagine that, while both of us were in the water plus it was a bit lonely feeling this week. I believe it was a lonely feeling because there were no people anywhere to be seen as I floated in the cold rough sea, but my body was cooling down hastily plus I only wanted to stay for a short time so I wouldn’t risk getting hypothermia again. I came condo plus ran our warm water heating system tank empty with a nice long warm shower to help warm me up again. It is the end of September now plus the temps are going to keep on dropping for the next few weeks, forcing me to run the central heating component or risk frostbite in our flat! I am going to get a big power bill again soon plus I am heading to the States plus not sure I’ll have the cash to spend money it when it comes. I believe our landlord, who works as an HVAC supplier at a local company near me, will maybe let me spend money the power bill a couple weeks later. It is just not going to be possible to spend money it on time as I will be spending currency on this upcoming trip. I hope she is okay with it.

a/c repairman