Furnace has reached the end of service life

I’ve been considering replacing my furnace. It was already in place and not new when my husband and I bought the house almost fifteen years ago. I looked up the serial number online and learned that the heating system is twenty years old. It has outlived the expected lifespan and is starting to show its age. The heating system now struggles to keep up with especially cold weather in my local area. The temperature frequently drops well below zero, and it’s necessary to rely on the furnace for six to eight months. Heating adds up to a big portion of the household energy expenses. I’ve watched my utility bills steadily rise over the last few years, and I blame the furnace. I am convinced that it’s putting out less heated air, running more frequently and no longer as efficient as it once was. I’m a bit worried that the heating system is negatively affecting our indoor cleaner. I’ve noticed that I need to vacuum and dust more frequently. It would be smart to replace the furnace before it completely quits in the middle of a winter blizzard. Rather than be in a big rush to get any available furnace installed, I’d rather schedule the project over the summer. I’d like to take my time, research different models and find the perfect fit for our home and budget. I’ve done a little research and learned that modern furnaces achieve up to 98% AFUE ratings. These innovative systems are qualified for Energy Star status and provide better air filtration and fewer issues with insufficient humidity. Although a new furnace will be expensive, it will be a worthwhile improvement.


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