Getting creative with our heating and air conditioning installation

I love finding out the sinister stories behind famous places. There is an urban legend about someone who got stabbed while at one of the Disney parks. The guy needs medical assistance badly, and then a funny little car shows up, and Goofy and Daffy Duck get out with a stretcher to load the guy up. They were paramedics, but Disney made them dress in costume so they didn’t alarm anyone. Creepy, right? Now that I work at a theme park, behind the scenes, I love reading gossip and legends like this. I am an HVAC tech, so I don’t have any crazy stories to share, I mostly just do tune-ups and replace bad parts. The coolest thing about working here are all the underground tunnels that connect the sections of the park. A lot of the HVAC equipment is located underground, so most of my days are spent underground. You have no way to conceive of how densely packed it is down there, just in terms of HVAC systems alone there are hundreds of different units all working together. The park is the size of a town, and we have a whole town’s worth of climate control located under the streets. To power such a massive climate control system, the park also has its own power company, so they can generate their own electricity. One thing is for sure, I have job security here, just due to the sheer volume of HVAC units in service at any given time. We have an entire crew of HVAC techs, and still have to work hard every single day to keep up. 

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