Getting in my dad’s HVAC van

At fifteen years, I did not need a babysitter, there was regularly someone at home with me while I was injured after our accident, and by the second week, I was so bored I begged our father to take me with him to work, and he worked as an air conditioning serviceman.

and the people at their air conditioning company were enthusiastic, and I was dying to have a change of scenery. After a lot of persuasion, he agreed. I was so enthusiastic to get into the indoor comfort business van that I felt like a little boy again. When I was little, our father would occasionally take me to work. I remembered a day when we left home where he had gone for air conditioning repair, and the van got stuck in the mud. As I was putting on our seat belt, our father learned a call to go for air conditioning repair in a condo on his way to work. We found the owner sitting at the curb plus waiting for the cooling system serviceman. My mom asked him if it was okay if I could wait on his porch rather than stay in the car since I needed to stretch our damaged leg, and he agreed. He showed him to the air conditioning replacement, which he inspected as fast as possible. It was midmorning by the time we got to the air conditioning provider, the following job required 5 of them to go since they installed a quality cooling system and a temperature control. It was a multi-split air conditioning plan that would not take the whole day. That day I went through magazines about the cooling industry and learned more about air conditioning and how it affects air quality.



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