Give us some central heating requirements

Forget the biweekly bread, please give us some warmth.

The biweekly bread is nice too, however person can’t live on bread alone.

This month will overheated up to a balmy 48F, at which point we will play in the daylight for a couple of hours with our band and hopefully make some people’s days. There are not a lot of musicians playing in the streets nowadays since the weather got so cold. I’m sure it is a lot colder in other venues, however playing out in the streets when it hits 40F hurts our fingers and hands; A gas space heating system would be nice to have to give us some climate control while playing out there, however it isn’t self-explanatory to tote all of the instruments and a space heating system to our spot! So we will play while it is still sunny outside and then around sunset we will have to wrap it up and head back to our homes for some comfort. I will work on my Heating and Air Conditioning articles for the day and around 3pm or so my bandmate is going to meet at my flat to help me wash the furnace filter before we hit the streets. I have a couple of new songs that I wrote and I would appreciate to try performing them with him, as last night I did them on my own with my drum and they sounded alright. I will go to the local business on Wednesday and get my food, instead of this weekend because they are closed for some Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and whatnot.

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