Grandma was mad if Rita came in and out too much

Rita has fond memories visiting her grandparents in the warm seasons.

It was always hot outdoors, but it was perfectly cool indoors.

The lake cabin always had ideal temperature control settings. It was no secret grandma would get incredibly agitated if Rita left the door open for too long when playing. One day she ran outside while playing tag with the dogs and grandma flew off the handle for not closing the door. It became somewhat hot in the cabin and grandma complained about the high cost of energy to keep cooling the household in summer. Rita had to admit that it made perfect sense back then. She never made the same mistake again, but the dogs did the same and got an earful from grandma. Still, Rita always had a great time and would play outside climbing trees in the apple orchards or enjoy adventures in the nearby woods. It would become so hot though so she would commonly drink water from the hose or head back inside the cabin where the AC unit was running. Still, her grandma was mad Rita came in and out too much. She was to stay outside or inside the cabin. Rita chose to stay outside and found a solution where she would soak her T-shirt and wrap it around her head to deliver a cooling effect. This would resemble modern cooling hats but it didn’t have reflective material to reflect the rays of the sun. Unfortunately, Rita would experience sunburns from time to time when she did this since her whole back was bare.

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