Handling HVAC systems at the theme park

I think it is cruel and unfair that so many young people are swindled into going to college.

I know that for some people the higher education of the university system is just what they need to succeed.

If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, or an engineer, then of course you need the structure of the college education. There are millions of teenagers every year that get tricked into going into debt for a university education that will not benefit them. Every single barista at my local Starbucks has a college degree that has done them no good at all. I chose trade school, and a course load designed to prepare me for the HVAC certification process. Having an HVAC certification qualifies you as an expert in heating and cooling repair. With your HVAC certification you can apply for jobs at any of the major corporations, or seek out freelance work from local contractors. Just like any other degree you can earn, the HVAC certification can open doors for your future employment. I wound up moving three thousand miles away from home after I got a lucrative contract to be an HVAC maintenance tech at one of the Disney theme parks. Six months after I finished school I was making over $100 thousand a year just for managing the HVAC systems for the major rides at the theme park. If I would have chosen college over HVAC I would currently be swimming in debt, and desperate for a good job. If you have kids, suggest an HVAC trade school for them.



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