Hanging out with Grandma back in the day was the best

It was awesome hanging out with Grandma back in the day.

She had this immense garden with strawberry patches, pumpkins, raspberries, corn stalks, and even grape vines.

I always enjoyed spending time out there with her in the warm season while picking strawberries or harvesting other crops. The thing is, it was hard work and it was overheated most of the time out there. The best thing we could do was relax in the shade when we were trying to cool off. My grandparents did have a couple of window AC units, but we never used those during the daytime hours, usually only during dinner time. I wasn’t sure why they did things like that because you’d think you’d want to be comfortable in the day, but they thought of AC as something that was more of a treat than a necessity. They would only use the cooling systems when guests were over for dinner, and that’s just the way it was. Other than that, if you wanted to be cool in the house, you’d either have a fan running or you would head over to the swimming pool in the neighborhood to cool off that way. We never minded too much to be honest, I always enjoyed going swimming at the pool and enjoying other events at different places. Our Grandma would take us everywhere like the hot air balloon launches or the local parades. There was always something exciting to do in town and our Grandma was all about having a good time for cheap. She even was able to get us food at local restaurants for close to 50% off because we would go to those places when they were closing and we enjoyed ideal temperature control settings.


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