HEPA filter sale

I own a hardware store & I constantly do a deal of the week… This hardware store has been a fixture in our community for several years, however my good Grandfather started it up back before there were sizable, central hardware stores adore Lowes & Home Depot… Even though times have changed, a lot of local people still adore to go to my family hardware store.

I adore to keep up some of the traditions that my good Grandfather started.

I even keep a lot of his original design for the store, & it looks genuinely nice. It’s adore a restored vintage; One of the traditions I’ve kept alive all these years is our deal of the week. This last week, I made certified HEPA filters our deal of the week. I had the HEPA filters available for two for the price of 1, hEPA filters are the highest quality filters you can get for your Heating & Air Conditioning system. They are best at trapping allergens & dust from the air. If you disinfect them constantly, they last the longest of any other filters. I knew that the HEPA filters were a popular item, even though I didn’t quote that we’d sell out of them on the first afternoon of my sale. I put an ad out in the paper & on our webpage, & I know people enjoyed the deal. It seemed adore all the people in town stopped by to stock up on the HEPA filters.

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