HEPA filter sale

I own a hardware store and I always do a deal of the week.

This hardware store has been a fixture in our community for many years. My great grandfather started it up back before there were huge, central hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Even though times have changed, a lot of local people still like to go to my family hardware store. I like to keep up some of the traditions that my great grandfather started. I even keep a lot of his original design for the store, and it looks really nice. It’s like a restored vintage. One of the traditions I’ve kept alive all these years is our deal of the week. This last week, I made certified HEPA filters our deal of the week. I had the HEPA filters available for two for the price of one. HEPA filters are the highest quality filters you can get for your HVAC system. They are best at trapping allergens and dust from the air. If you clean them regularly, they last the longest of any other filters. I knew that the HEPA filters were a popular item, but I didn’t estimate that we’d sell out of them on the first day of my sale. I put an ad out in the paper and on our webpage, and I guess people loved the deal. It seemed like everyone in town stopped by to stock up on the HEPA filters.
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