Her pet sheds everywhere! It sucks

My wife Jo plus I decided to get a spot together. All of us met online plus the two of us talked 4/8 months before Jo and I decided to transport into a locale together. Jo and I were living in separate cities plus the two of us had only met 1 other time in the past. Jo came to visit myself and others in our hometown. She and I agreed to live in her hometown city, however the two of us also agreed to find a locale that was new for both of us. Since I do all of my work online, transferring to another space was much easier for me. It wasn’t truly simple on our pet, especially when he met Jo’s pet. I have a small French poodle, however our wifey has a big shepherd mixed with a wolf. Jo’s pet is hairy plus sheds everywhere. It has been awful on our flu symptoms. My pet doesn’t shed hardly at all plus I did not realize how much fur would be all over our apartment. I had to buy 2 air purification systems to keep in our kitchen, because I was having a difficult time sleeping at night. I was waking up with an itchy sore throat plus a cough. Then I was having trouble breathing. The air purification system was the only thing which gave myself and others with any relief. Jo and I change the air filters in the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan every other month as well, plus that reduces a lot of pet hair, dust, plus pet dander. My wifey plus I share a deranged devotion of pets plus all creatures, plus in this situation it hurts. I would not change any part of it, since Jo and I finally get to be together.


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