He’s got some interesting points

My uncle is a crucial conspiracy theorist, plus it gets heavy and annoying.

I recognize that every human has an uncle that thinks that there is some wild conspiracy going around that is set out to destroy average people in super small towns.

He is regularly focusing on different theories, plus most people have grown used to his typical antics. However, his latest theory is the craziest theory that I heard yet, plus I can’t understand that there are people that are still listening to him. According to our silly uncle, Heating & A/C technology is being used to destroy civilization. My uncle doesn’t feel that aliens are giving us Heating & A/C technology or anything such as that, however he believes that the world’s elite has created Heating & A/C units and servicemen just in order to condition humans to be weaker than they used to be, but also remember what the world was care about before Heating & A/C units? While you might personally recognize that the world must have been bad separate from Heating & A/C units, the honest to god truth is that people were far more productive separate from Heating & A/C units. People at one point used to work genuinely difficult during the warm season plus Winter separate from the overwhelming benefit of Heating & A/C units. The people I was with and I somehow gained how to survive plus thrive in uncomfortable circumstances separate from the use of a central A/C. However, now that the central A/C plus the oil furnace have been more fully developed, humans have been conditioned to work plus stay inside with the central Heating & A/C units while doing nothing outdoors. The people I was with and I can hardly manage to survive separate from our Heating & A/C units.