Hiring professional cleaning for another cabin

It was quite simple to contact a cleaning corporation in the local area and set up an appointment

A few years ago, our hubby and I bought a minute cabin down south, and our goal is to care about the best of the weather in the north and escape the worst of it, then because our job is handled honestly online, it’s easy for me to travel between the two homes, however i’ve found that the majority of our time is spent in our southern trip home. I don’t mind the hot and humid summers, and I just like the mild winters! My hubby is a grape farmer, which requires him to head north for particular times of year, then she needs to trim, fertilize, weed spray and pesticide spray in the Spring, but there are foliage sprays necessary in the summer time and the fall is harvest season, then all of us try not to be apart for more than 3 weeks straight. After 3 weeks with me living down south and our hubby living up north, I guess that her location is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. The thought of traveling north and arriving at a dusty, messy cabin is stressful for me. I don’t want to walk in the door and instantly begin scrubbing toilets, cleaning showers and vacuuming. I already need to get groceries and set up our work station. This last time, I decided to research online and find a professional cleaning corporation. It was quite simple to contact a cleaning corporation in the local area and set up an appointment. I chose a general cleaning package that included the bathrooms, vacuuming and dusting. My cabin up north is a two-story that encompasses over two thoUSAnd square feet. I was surprised that the cost of the cleaning was under two hundred dollars.


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