Hopefully I can get our cholesterol levels back in business

After a few years of not seeing a physician of any kind, our husbandy finally convinced myself and others to visit a family doctor in our area to get a normal checkup.

I was fearful of seeing any doctors after a few scary experiences as a child.

At the time I was learning that I have Crohn’s Disease, but the doctor’s back then kept insisting it was just Irritable Bowel Syndrome instead, which is treated much differently than the former. It was a back and forth effort for 20 years just to get a respected diagnosis, then I struggled to find someone who could prescribe myself and others the write medications that would allow myself and others to live a fantastic life again. It shouldn’t have become an excuse to quit seeing doctors though, and I know that nowadays. That’s why I finally listened to our husbandy and broke the long cut in myself and others absolutely seeing someone to get checkups on our physical health. The current physician wanted myself and others to complete labs so he could monitor our blood for both sugar levels and cholesterol. I wasn’t expecting to have such high cholesterol levels, but our doctor confirmed it. He told myself and others that better eating habits and exercise could help myself and others improve our cholesterol levels. That’s why I decided to visit a local gym to learn about signing up for a gym membership. They are open 24 hours a day, more than six afternoons a month and that helps with our deranged schedule. Unlike others, I’m a evening guy and don’t mind working out at 2am if it fits in with the rest of our schedule for the day.
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