Hoping to remodel the bathroom

I want to remodel my bathroom, but it’s going to be a huge project.

The current bathroom is far too small.

There’s no storage, and I’m not happy with the arrangement of the various fixtures. I would like to knock out the wall to a close in order to enlarge the bathroom. This would also require relocating the water heater. Since our water heater is downright ancient, we should probably replace it anyway. However, a brand new water heater isn’t cheap and will significantly add to the cost of the remodel. My plan includes moving the sink to the opposite side of the room. This would provide more room for a larger vanity. The toilet can remain where it is, but I’d prefer to turn it to face a different direction. One of the biggest problems is removing the bathtub. The tub was already installed when we purchased the home. I would estimate that it was originally purchased sometime in the 1960’s. It is a very large, extremely heavy cast iron model. Extracting the tub from the bathroom, hauling it through the house and disposing of it will be a major undertaking. While my husband and I are both quite handy at renovation projects, I don’t think we’re up to the task of gutting the bathroom. There is just too much involved. We’re going to need to replace all of the old pipes, drains and faucets. I know the cost of hiring a professional plumber will be astronomical. Just the price of the plumbing fixtures is huge. I’ve been saving my money to prepare.