How can I convince Ed that ‌we need a new leather chair?

I had to laugh when the chair arrived.

I told our husband Ed he needed a new leather chair for his office. Ed was adamant that he had the chair since he opened his legal practice & he would not be getting rid of it. I looked at how dry & cracked the leather was. The stuffing started to show through in some seams. The chair was almost thirty years old, & I wanted to buy Ed a newer 1 for his anniversary. He told myself and others I could have the chair reupholstered if I wanted, but Ed wasn’t getting rid of it. I couldn’t understand why Ed would not entertain the plan of a new leather chair, but he would not discuss it. Ed gave myself and others his serious court room look & walked away, a week later, I was doing some shopping on Google. I got an advertising for a reclining leather chair that came with heat, lumbar support, & lower back massager. It had more than one cup holders & a pouch for a remote control. I bought it for Ed for his anniversary. I had to laugh when the chair arrived. Ed told myself and others he was going to put his new leather recliner in his office. I couldn’t think Ed would not get rid of his outdated leather chair, but he was going to put this 1 in the office. I asked where Ed planned on putting the outdated leather chair? He said he would send it out for reupholstering, but not until after he had this leather chair worn in. His thirty-year-old tattered leather chair was going to be sitting in our residing room until Ed felt comfortable with his new leather recliner.



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