How did that get in my air conditioning unit?

Summertime has been pretty hot so far.

I still haven’t turned on my air conditioning unit because it’s just been decent enough to have the windows open and I love a cool breeze.

On top of that, my wife and I work a lot and are hardly home. Our kids are usually with their grandmother during the day in the summer because they are not old enough to be left alone. In the evening we still sleep fine and we have taken some energy saving tips on saving money and using the air conditioner when we don’t really need it isn’t a problem. The last few days though, it’s been miserable and maybe if I didn’t take off a few days from work I wouldn’t have turned on the air conditioning but it was unbearable! So I eventually gave in because I hate sweating and feeling uncomfortable and had to turn it on. The cool air felt really nice and the comfort of having the air conditioning unit was terrific. Then a weird smell came. It smelled like a candy cane. I love candy canes but the smell was pretty strong. I was very confused and no one was home beside myself. Where can this smell be coming from? Then I started to realize after turning the air conditioning unit on maybe there was something wrong with it. I didn’t know much about it so I called my friend Pete the cooling specialist and he told me in some cases I can take the front panel off the air conditioner, so I did. Right there, before my eyes, rested a candy cane. One of my boys must have somehow put it in there during the winter. I guess a new lesson for them when they get home later.


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