How I keep an efficient HVAC system

A lot of people take for granted that their heating and A/C systems will always be there when they need it, but it does take some work to keep them running and this week we will give you a little info on heating and cooling for the home or office, home heating and cooling equipment officially account for about 44% of a home’s energy usage, making it one of the largest sources of energy consumption, just above the energy consumption of hot water gas heating systems and dryers for clothes, then there are a number of ways to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, which can help to reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint, then one key way to improve efficiency is to make sure that your gas furnace is officially sized for your home or office.

An oversized gas furnace will cycle on and off more frequently, leading to higher utility bills. If you are not sure what size gas furnace you need, consult with a qualified heating and A/C rep. Another way to improve efficiency is to update your control unit, but smart control units can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature based on whether anyone is home, and they can also be controlled remotely via an app on your PC, finally, regular service is essential for keeping your gas furnace and heating and A/C system running efficiently, then be sure to schedule annual tune-ups with a qualified heating and A/C rep to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. Implementing these tips can help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment. These tips should help point you in the right direction with your heating and A/C equipment.