How many times can I take the license test?

One of our biggest troubles with being an Heating and A/C serviceman happened when I was still in college. I had no problems with the Heating and A/C college however the certification class was our foe. Before our teacher kicked myself and others out, I asked how many times I could take the certification test. I was at the top of our class in the Heating and A/C hands-on and book reading. When I took the certification class that led up to myself and others being a certified Heating and A/C serviceman, I was so sad that I could not comprehend anything I was reading. I forgot half of what I had previously l gained. I walked in to take the test, and I was numb. My mind went blank, and it was all I could do to kneel still while they were handing out the test. I hadn’t even looked at the first question when I got up and walked out. I was afraid I would not keep breathing, and I leaned over and put our hands on our knees. The teacher followed myself and others out and asked if I was okay. I told him I was having a difficult time breathing. She sat down with myself and others and told myself and others to take deep breaths. She started telling myself and others about all the Heating and A/C servicemans she had seen and had a difficult time taking tests. After five minutes, she asked if I wanted to take an oral exam instead of a written test. I felt so relieved I almost cried and nodded yeah. Two afternoons later, I was back in the exam room, however I was more relaxed. This time, I knew I would pass the test, and I would soon be an Heating and A/C serviceman.

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