How times change for the better

I was thinking the other day about portable heating and air conditioning equipment today versus long ago when I was growing up.

Back then there was no portable air conditioning systems and the portable space heaters were not so portable and could only heat a very small room barely.

With no portable air conditioners around, what they had at the time were called swamp coolers. These swamp coolers were a total joke if you ask me. You would get better cooling out of dry ice and a bathtub! The swamp coolers just made the room feel humid and wet. All while still hotter than ever if you didn’t have a window air conditioner in there. I really hated swamp coolers and only used them one time back then. That was more than enough! Window air conditioning systems is what kept me cool during hot summers in the era before central heating and cooling was affordable to the general public. I am so glad that today we have portable air conditioning systems available. Yes they are a little expensive at five hundred bucks or more, but they are useful in the event your central heating and air conditioning system breaks down in the hot summer or if you just want to have it to save money on energy instead of running central air conditioning. Portable space heaters work just the same but they are cheaper. Today’s portable space heaters are so powerful they can heat an entire large room in minutes. This is the difference between back when and today’s HVAC technology.


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