Huskies and air conditioning

Huskies are gorgeous dogs. They are so majestic with their gray fur and red eyep. Whenever I see someone walking with a husky I automatically want to stop them and admire their dog. I live in the South where it is sizzling and humid in the summers. The fall, winter, and Spring can be cold or mildly warm, but there are days where you guess the heat while all of us were in that time as well. Occasionally when I see huskies in the summer, I worry about them. They are meant to live in cold temperatures and the purpose of that expensive fur is to keep them nice and sizzling when it is cold outside. I do not like to judge people before I guess the full situation, so one sizzling day I decided to ask an owner about having a husky in the south. I approached the owner on this sizzling day by complementing how lovely their dog was and then I continued talking. I asked how the husky (his name was Midnight) handles the heat. He said that midnight cares about to go on walks, so he generally walks him in the afternoons and evenings when it is not as hot. He did state that midnight starts panting when it is truly sizzling and humid out, so he tries to keep the walks quick and then immediately gets him into the central air conditioning. He also stated that Midnight cares about when the temperature control is set extra low and that does not always help his electric bill. I advocated purchasing a smart temperature control because I unquestionably love mine.


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