HVAC has an important function in my region

For sure, we’d be in a mess if it wasn’t for HVAC technology.

Specifically, it’s the heat pump that is our saving grace in this region.

It’s Christmas these days so there’s not a whole lot of demand on the heat pump. Where we live, we don’t need a whole lot of heating. I feel for the folks up north that are dealing with single digits or sub zero temperatures. I can’t imagine having to live inside my house for five or six months with a gas furnace running all the time. I can’t imagine how I’d even pay for all of that heating from the HVAC unit. Our heating costs are pretty much negligible around here. The temperature is normally in the sixties during the day and high forties or maybe a bit lower in the evening. The heat pump stays pretty quiet. But of course, we are not talking about heating being the focus when it comes to HVAC in these parts. Where I live, it’s all about the air conditioning when we’re talking about HVAC. The heat pump is simply a savior when it comes to managing the heat and humidity that we face for much of the year. Of course, that heat and humidity is just straight overwhelming for four months from June through September. But the HVAC unit is doing more than simply creating cool comfort in our home. The heat pump is actually also providing a really important function while it’s cooling off our house. The heat pump is also balancing the humidity in our homes so we don’t end up having to clean up mold and mildew all the time. I have to say I’m very thankful for that part of the quality heating and air that we get from the heat pump.

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