HVAC professional went out of his way to help me out

I was surprised at how virtuous the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional was when he came to my house.

  • Originally, I just asked the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier for some help with my air quality.

This guy who came out went above as well as beyond finding out all the reasons for my awful air quality as well as giving me all the homeowner solutions I needed. I thought I was going to have to pay a small fortune, however this Heating plus Air Conditioning expert saved me a lot of money. He first showed me how dirty my HVAC duct plan was, which was legitimately concerning. He pointed out that the air filters I was using weren’t the best quality as well as I should get something with a higher MERV rating. He also told me about using a humidifier in my beach apartment for improved air quality as well as comfort. He even told me how I could save money on my utility bills by using a humidifier, because it makes you feel more comfortable separate from pushing the Heating plus Air Conditioning component too hard, especially in the Winter time season! So after getting a UV air cleaner, a box of HEPA filters, as well as having my HVAC duct plan cleaned, I couldn’t know the low price I was paying. He gave me some kind of special discount as well as I legitimately wonder if he could be fired for hooking me up like that. The thing is, he didn’t seem distraught about anything other than my comfort at home, so that guy is a real do-gooder. I easily know there should be more people out in the world like that who strive to help others.


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