HVAC sizing is essential

Sometimes I can be a bit too smart for my own good.

This comes from this obsession that I get the best deal on just about anything.

Really, I think it’s more of a competitive thing that I want to win whatever deal I’m in. Whether it’s inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office or playing tennis, I want to win. And sometimes, that really gets in the way of making good decisions. That certainly was the case when I had to replace the heat pump. Since I moved into this house, I’ve been a part of the HVAC service plan offered by my HVAC company. This is just an essential service because it allows me to not have to remember to make the HVAC maintenance appointments. Additionally, we get certain discounts and if there is a breakdown with the HVAC unit, we only pay for the parts. So when the HVAC technician told me that the heat pump was on its way out, I got right to starting the process of replacing it. But again, I tried to be a little too cute and just get the information I needed from the HVAC contractor. All I wanted was the information so then I could go out and find the residential HVAC equipment at a much cheaper price. And that’s exactly what I did. But what I didn’t realize was how essential correctly sizing the HVAC unit is. I sure got a great deal on a heat pump but it isn’t near big enough for the air volume of my home. So that ended up being a colossal problem as I had a spare heat pump on my hands.

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