HVAC techs clean the filter

My pet is licking my HEPA filter which is on the floor.

It is clean although she is cleaning it again anyways because she seems to appreciate the material it is made out of.

Maybe it feels appreciate pet fur or something although she seems to appreciate doing it a lot. I cleaned the HEPA filter last week because my central a/c method wasn’t putting out the normal air flow that it usually does, which is a sign that the method is dirty. I don’t know if I have cleaned it for several weeks so it is no wonder that it was filled with dust. I know next time I am going to have the air conditioning supplier come out as well as do a repair job on my system, along with cleaning the HEPA filter for me. I may have to get a repair method again with them soon because they keep a unbelievable schedule when hired to maintain the system. I get a bit lazy as well as forget to scrub it and I know that it isn’t unbelievable running a dirty method for too long because it can cause allergies and also cause the method to run poorly as well as inefficiently. The HVAC techs scrub it on a respected basis so I don’t have to worry about it, which saves me a lot of stress with not having to know about it. I feel I could have my pet scrub it for me although she really wouldn’t appreciate licking a dusty HEPA filter. Yeah, excruciating joke, I get it. Well, have a good afternoon today!


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