I almost destroyed by heat and AC unit

I made a really stupid decision about a week ago.

My son is practicing to become a heating and AC technician.

He’s really good at what he’s learned already and so when I had an issue with my heating and AC system I decided that if he wanted he could be the one to fix it. He was ecstatic when I offered them this because he’d been asking me for months if he could try to fix our heating and AC system. I wanted to give him the opportunity so he could learn how to repair heating and AC devices and that would help him with his education, but what I didn’t know was that my son wasn’t as experienced as he thought he was and he wasn’t able to repair the heating and cooling system like it should have been repaired. Unfortunately, while he tried to repair it he ended up accidentally damaging it. Well I wasn’t happy about it, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I knew how bad he felt about it. We just would work on it together and try to get it fixed. Ultimately, I couldn’t figure out the issue either and we had to call a heating and AC professional to fix it. I encouraged my son to continue pursuing his education in heating and AC. I’m glad that he did too, because a couple years later he passed and got his HVAC certification. I’m just so glad that my heating and AC system was able to be repaired and wasn’t permanently damaged.

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