I apologized to the heating and AC worker

I suppose that this sounds super mean, but yesterday when the Heating and A/C worker was at my house working on my furnace, he tripped and fell right off of the porch. I couldn’t help it and I burst out laughing when he pitched headlong into the flower bed. I suppose that sounds terrible, but the way that he fell was just so funny that I couldn’t help myself. I felt awful about the fact that he had fallen down, but once I realized that he didn’t hurt himself, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He had been at my house for a long time working on the furnace. We had been talking and having a nice conversation together while he was fixing the oil furnace. I mean, normally, I don’t think that I am that rude of a person, but this time I couldn’t help it for some reason. He was parking his tools to begin putting them back into the Heating and A/C truck whenever he was done with the furnace and that’s when he somehow ended up getting tripped up over his own feet. He yelled a funny yell and then ended up face first right into the flower bed next to the front porch. I’m not sure why in the world I couldn’t stop myself from laughing but I just couldn’t. I apologized to him and tried to help him up, but he wouldn’t let me. I guess that he was mad that I laughed at him.


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