I come from a family of A/C technicians

When the morning came for me to finally start working as a real heating plus A/C contractor I was beyond excited, I had known for a absolutely long time that the heating plus A/C industry was what I wanted to go into, a lot of it comes from our family history, it is quite literally in our blood! My mom was an heating as well as A/C contractor, and her mom was a heating as well as A/C contractor, and even our great-grandpa was a heating plus A/C worker.

With so many unbelievable people plus our family working on heating plus cooling systems it was almost expected of me to become a heating as well as A/C worker myself, and thankfully I am lucky enough to have a absolutely supportive family that understood that if I didn’t want to become a heating plus A/C contractor that was fine, however the thing is I loved working on heating plus cooling systems and knew that was what I wanted to go into the day my mom introduced it to me when I was 5 years old.

At that age I wasn’t old enough to truly comprehend what I was being taught, however it is what started our journey to becoming a heating plus cooling worker. I worked really hard in school to get great grades so that I can get into a trade school that would teach me all about heating plus A/C business. I spent years studying so that I could graduate with great grades. It all paid off because I actually got into the trade school I wanted plus started working on our degree plus HVAC certification. I was able to get hired at a heating plus A/C corporation immediately and now tomorrow is our first morning that I start. Now is the time when all our training will be put to the test and I am both incredibly happy plus nervous. I’m confident that I will do well and be able to service the heating plus A/C units effortlessly.

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