I couldn't believe how difficult being an HVAC technician was.

I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be being an HVAC technician.

I thought I would take a few classes, see some demonstrations, and then work on fake HVAC system.

I didn’t know I would need to learn how to work on air conditioning units, furnaces, ventilations systems, and know many types of each. I thought I could pick or choose which HVAC system I wanted to learn about. My instructor told me there was no picking which HVAC system, because it was all one unit. I balked at this idea, and I didn’t want to hear any of his long-winded explanations. I told him I just wanted to take some classes and then go to work. My cousin told me to go to school for HVAC and he would help me get a job. I thought becoming an HVAC technician was going to be that simple, but it’s not. A couple of classes were going to take me a year, and then I had to take classes so I could be a certified HVAC technician. I wasn’t liking this idea, and I told my cousin what I thought. He told me it took some work for any career, but if I didn’t want a job, then I could get out on the streets. I was living on his sofa for three months, and I had no room to argue with him. I thought I would rather live on the streets than work that hard just to go to work. My girlfriend told me I couldn’t live with her either; until I got a job and stuck with him. She was tired of having a deadbeat boyfriend. A year later, I was an HVAC technician.

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