I did not know what happened to the heating plan

Every year, our guy plus I have a party at our house, however both of us have the party at our locale, because every one of us have an inground pool, and the pool is heated plus people like to swim while in the Christmas party.

When everyone starts to drink, the party usually ends up in the pool; I turned on the heating plus AC unit in the pool house.

I also turned on the switch for the pool heater. I started cleaning inside the pool house. I went outside to check the water plus it still felt ice cold. It had only been an minute or several since I turned on the heater, so I did not guess there was a complication yet, however after a few more minutes, I decided to check on the temperature of the pool plus it was still really cold. I checked to see if the yellow light was on near the heater. The yellow light indicates that the furnace is running. The yellow light was not on. I turned the furnace on plus off a couple of times however that did not help. I did not know what happened to the pool heater, however I knew that it was a complication that needed to be fixed right away. I right away contacted the supplier that handles services on our pool plus pool heating equipment. The repair professional came out the next afternoon. There was a short in the line plus it was causing a problem. It was a really easy to repair electrical issue plus thankfully not a huge complication that kept us from using the pool on christmas.

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