I didn’t need college to succeed in life

Back in school I was a part of the Advanced Class.

  • This was not a big school system, you understand, this was a very small town.

All of the smartest kids in school were put into one Advanced level class. Basically, my best friends were all of the smart kids. We got picked on quite a bit by the other, bigger kids, but we stuck together through it all. When it came time to graduate, all of my friends went to different universities, but not me. I stayed here in town to go to trade school and learn HVAC repair instead of going to college. They all felt sorry for me, but I felt sorry for them. They bought into the Big Lie that they had to get a college degree to be successful, and I knew my future lay in the HVAC industry. I got my HVAC certification within two years, and began an apprenticeship with a local contractor who took me under his wing. By the time my old pals were graduating with massive college loan debt, I was using my HVAC profits to put a down payment on a house! I had the same intellect as they did, but I focused on it in a smarter way, and got into the very lucrative growth industry of HVAC repair. I have a ten year career plan in mind, in which I become a self-employed HVAC contractor and start working for myself. If everything goes the way I want it to, I will retire with a huge nest egg before I am 50 years old.

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