I didn’t want to ignore the scary HVAC noise

It has been a crazy time at work, but the rewards are amazing.

My boss trusted me with a huge project, and with it comes the promotion I’ve been dreaming about.

Though my boss doesn’t expect me to work till late, there is no rule that says I can’t stay until midnight if I want to do so. Since this was the last week before submitting the project to the clients, I spent many late nights in the office. I’d get to my house at 11 pm and leave by 5 am. That way, there was no traffic, and I could get a lot of things started. Two days ago, I managed to get back home by 10 pm. I felt exhausted and wanted to force myself to sleep at least 8 hours before the big day. However, when I arrived at my house, I heard a loud strange noise coming from the HVAC system. I live alone so there was no one who could have warned me about the scary HVAC noise in advance. It was late, but I didn’t want to leave my HVAC system making the loud noise all night. That would distract me and cause me to feel even more exhausted. So, I made myself some coffee and phoned a local Heating and AC company. I have a service and repair agreement with this Heating and AC company that always comes in handy. And there’s also a 24/7 HVAC emergency repair in the plan. I managed to reach an attendant on the phone, and they sent over a HVAC expert to take a look. It turns out there was a loose part in the HVAC system which was the source of the scary loud noise. Thankfully I’d caught it in time before the loose part did extensive damage.