I didn’t want to see it like this

As you get old, you get angry about the youth.

You know I was walking on the beach last evening with my step dad plus there were a bunch of groups of people with bonfires going on the beach.

I sincerely miss that because where I am residing overseas we are not allowed to commonly have them on the beach. There is also a lot more broken glass plus dangerous nails on the beach in my village overseas plus I am always super cautious when I am playing ball on the beach. These women get drunk plus suddenly decide breaking bottles to be fun each evening before they go to the condo plus pass out. I am going to talk to the local contractor over there when I finally get back because he is friends with the cops plus I want to see if we can attempt to do something about the women who are breaking bottles on the beach. You know I also want to see if we can put up cameras so the guy at the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer told myself and others he has some spare CCTV cameras we can install where the folks hang out so we can catch the culprits plus make it stop. I shouldn’t have to worry about commonly stepping on broken glass when I am playing in the sand. But for now, I am going to now clean my mom’s HEPA filter because I notice the air flow is heavily restricted in the vent here in the guest home office where I am sleeping.


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