I don’t see why we need to invest in real estate

My partner Max is so into real estate.

  • After studying a bunch of investment books Max determined the way to get wealthy is to invest in rental properties, then he is constantly on zillow looking at homes for rent or rental apartments.

Max already owns a few rental units and still isn’t satisfied. 1 is a duplex and another is a single family home. He has been looking into possibly getting another single family modern home or to try his hand at commercial real estate sales. I personally don’t see the appeal of real estate, however for one he is constantly taking renters calls. Max won’t hire a property manager since he is still small potatoes; So that means whenever someone’s toilet won’t flush, the sink won’t drain or the dryer doesn’t work, Max gets called. He isn’t a landlord that ignores problems either. Max immediately hops in his truck and checks out what is wrong. It is super annoying… Additionally, the cost of upkeep on these rentals aren’t cheap, but my partner recently had to hire a local handyman to put a modern roof on his duplex so that it passed inspection. Max calls for AC repairs and general service all the time. Max is pretty skilled himself, however there are a lot of specialty calls that he gets from time to time. I don’t see how Max gets enough money in rent to make up for all he pays in repairs, and lastly, the stress of owning the property would do me in for sure. Max has to handle weird tenants, lawn services and spend money the property taxes. Max has to make sure most people pays on time and isn’t causing disfigurement. I would not enjoy dealing with that.
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