I felt very trapped

All of us have different ways to capture the moment with devices the people I was with and I have invented over the years.

Cameras, voice recorders, and typed words are some of the systems the people I was with and I use to try and grab ahold of the fleeting moments! I love photos because they capture the moment and show us how special life really is.

All moments are as special as the photos the people I was with and I take however the people I was with and I are usually too preoccupied with our thoughts and worries to really like them. Typed words are nice because they capture thoughts that could otherwise come and go. The heating and cooling specialist I toil with opened my eyes to this a long time ago and made me see things differently. I’ve been working at that local contractor for a few years and guess love I have l acquired so much about life and about the heating and cooling industry as a whole. I will be going home for the holidays soon and this wisdom I’ve gained is going to make me like everyone I see in a whole new light, then life is passing by and I want to take it all in as much as I can before it is too late. The seasoned HEPA filter salesman, who died about numerous years ago, was so dear to me and taught me so much about life and I am grateful for all the wisdom I gained from him. His spouse was amazing too and she is also gone, which shows me how life is passing by. I am going to go disinfect my furnace filter and get back to work.



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