I got a smart thermostat

I am not the type of person who goes for fancy features.

My parents always taught me that I don’t need to go for the most expensive option, as long as I don’t go for the cheapest option.

I don’t want to get a product that is so cheap that it won’t last, but I also don’t need to have the fanciest model, either. When it comes to heating and cooling, I have followed that framework. I get an HVAC system that I know will work, and I do the same for the accessories, like the thermostat and filters. However, when I moved into my new house, they had everything set up for a smart thermostat. I didn’t think that this was something I especially needed, but since it was all set up, I figured I might as well use it. Little did I know, I have missed out all these years. After about a week or two of living in the house, the smart thermostat had detected all of my temperature preferences. It automatically adjusted the temperature settings to make sure the house was always how I liked it. Not only is it comfortable, but I can conveniently adjust the temperature settings from my phone. Last but not least, it also saves me money because it is more energy efficient.


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