I got a ticket for double parking in the street

Living in the city means constantly having to worry about parking.

Parking is a nightmare for homeowners, but it is also a problem for service contractors. I work for a heating and air conditioning system service that handles repairs and replacements. I often need to go to the city to help a customer with a residential or commercial heating or AC repair. When I go to the city, the worst part of the problem is definitely parking. I couldn’t find any place to park last week when I went to a residential apartment. I decided to park my truck on the street. I was double-parked, but I honestly didn’t think anyone would care. The street wasn’t very busy and I didn’t see any police officers or meter maids at all. I worked on the repair and I went to my work truck a few times for tools and parts. The last time I went to my truck, there was a piece of yellow paper on the front window. I didn’t need to look at the piece of paper, because I knew it was a parking ticket. I finished with the heating and AC repair job and loaded all of my things into the work truck. I grabbed the ticket off the window. I received a ticket for $175 for being illegally parked in the street. My boss wasn’t very happy when he saw the ticket. He reminded me that parking tickets can go against your license if you don’t take care of them right away. My boss paid for half of the ticket and I had to pay the other half.


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