I had a lot of things to work on

I labor in the heat as well as cooling system contractor as my own boss.

Some call myself and others an independent heating as well as air conditioner contractor.

One thing I pride myself in is admitting when I make a mistake. And when I do, I more than make up for it to the customer. After all I am only human, however unless you go the extra mile to make up for an error, the purchaser will not understand that fact. This is why when I mess up I offer some kind of free heating as well as air conditioner services. The last time I messed up on something with a thermostat installation in someone’s home, I fixed what I messed up as well as then gave them 2 free heating as well as cooling system tune ups as well as check ups. That made them happy. I usually charge 1 hundred dollars per tune up. So that was a numerous hundred dollar value for free just for myself and others messing up something. I did not have to do that. But I knew if I did not offer something of value in Heating as well as A/C lake current home services that I would lose that client. And if you beginning doing that, word gets around as well as before you guess it you have a ton of bad things said about you, as well as then you end up going out of business. That was not going to happen to me! I pride myself too much in laboring as an independent heating as well as air conditioner specialist as well as I will do whatever it takes to keep people happy, no matter what the cost.

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