I had no choice but to take an airplane recently

It’s crazy because it’s been years since I have flown on an airplane.

I have never been a huge fan for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, I never appreciate the air quality on planes very much, something always seems off. Sometimes I feel like it’s too dry and they need a humidifier and other times I can smell terrible smells that bother me. Sometimes it smells like diapers because so many mothers are on the planes with their little ones and that makes me want to gag being in an enclosed environment like that where you can’t escape the smells. I don’t like the lack of being able to adjust the temperature control settings either. There’s a little knob you can adjust for the speed of the air, but it’s not all that comfortable and it’s just a small little HVAC vent blowing air. Still, I guess I should at least be thankful that it is available for your comfort. Still, I don’t feel comfortable on planes because you can crash to your death if something goes wrong. Still, I had to go on a plane recently when my grandmother passed away. The funeral was going to be held within days of me hearing about her death, and there was no way I could drive across the country to be there. I had to take a plane, but surprisingly, this ride was a little more comfortable. Perhaps my grandmother was there giving me comfort on my way so that I would not feel such heavy anxiety as I typically do. The air quality seemed alright and everything. At the funeral, I chose to celebrate the life of my grandmother and I told everybody about all the amazing things she accomplished in life.

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