I had to answer the office phones

I was driving back to the office after an AC repair, plus I was in a traffic accident.

I was resting at a stoplight.

Then a big semi truck turned left. The guy misjudged the amount of room he had to turn plus he clipped the entire front of our AC repair van. The semi dragged myself and others for almost 50 yards before he realized there was a problem. The impact from the crash made our head snap back, plus our neck was whiplashed. I had an awful headache for days after the crash. I went to the emergency room where they told myself and others to take it simple for a few days. My boss made myself and others chill out at the office plus answer phones all day. It wasn’t hard plus physical labor such as working on AC or heat pump repairs, however it was still demanding. It was 1 of the most boring things I have ever had in our entire life. I waited for the phone to ring plus I tried to keep the buyer on the phone as long as possible. When I finally returned to AC repairs after skipping 4 or 5 days of working, I felt that I could handle any task that day. The boss started myself and others off with a couple of simple evaluations plus tune-ups, however it was good to be back. It’s been several weeks since the accident plus I still experience a few mild headaches from time to time however the doctor told myself and others that is normal with this category of head injury. I can expect headaches for months.



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